yourbrothershotfriend asked: You're cracking the shits with me because I think it's okay to not be attracted to certain physical attributes?



ok listen up iggy you might learn something. i’m “cracking the shits” with you becasue you think it’s ok to

  • say that people of color look the same
  • say that black people are “the root of the problem” regarding your own racist opinion
  • say that it’s ok to say these things if you have “black friends”…
  • say that it’s just a “preference” to exclude an entire group of people based on skin color (in your case “gays of dark skin, red hair and ethnicities seen as ‘generally the same looking’”)

now to say people of color look the same is actually so fucking wrong that i have a hard time not understanding how you can’t see how racist that is. if you can’t see that it’s not ok i think you might have a heat stroke.

to say black people are the “root of the problem” to your own racist opinion is not ok either. the root of the problem is you and it’s something you need to work on.

the “i’m not racist i have black friends” argument… sigh

to say you’re not attracted to someone is totally fine. saying you’re not attracted to a whole group of people (for example different ethnicities) is not just a preference, it’s your own subconscious racist mind that kicks in here.

so yeah that’s why i’m "cracking the shits" with you. good luck with your (hopefully soon) non-existing porn career